Adele buys mansion after making millions from NZ shows

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Adele may have had a bit of excess luggage when she left Auckland after her rainy but sell-out shows in Auckland last weekend.

It's reported Adele earned around $20 million from just the New Zealand leg of her world tour.

But $20 million is nothing to the star that is not only rolling in the deep - she's also rolling in the cash, with an estimated wealth of more than $152 million.

Within days of landing back in the United Kingdom, Adele - along with her husband and son - purchased a new $7 million home in a small town an hour-and-a-half south of London.

Until now, the village of East Grinstead didn't have much claim to fame. It does have the forest where Winnie the Pooh was set, plus an 8m-tall rock and stone wall appropriately named Stone Hill Rocks.

Now, the small sleepy town will become a destination for a whole new type of visitors - those keen to say hello to Adele.