Workers told to leave early for Adele's show

Music 23/03/2017
Employers are being advised by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce to let staff leave early on Thursday if they're going to the Adele concert.

The British songstress is set to begin performing at 7:30pm sharp, with no support act, with warnings of long commute times and traffic chaos.

While there are bus and train options for getting to the Mt Smart Stadium venue in Penrose, all forms of transport to the gig are expected to be busy, especially as they'll be competing with regular daily rush hour traffic.

Auckland's Chamber of Commerce says it's time for a bit of goodwill from bosses.

"I'd be inclined to treat it as a health & safety issue. The stress you're going to apply by not letting staff get away early if they're going to the concert just isn't worth it," says Chief Executive Michael Barnett.

"I don't think there should be any discussion about this. It's a one-off concert, a lot of staff have invested in tickets, so let them make a day of it. Don't put any more stress on them. The traffic is bad enough, so give them a health & safety hour by getting away early."

Up to 45,000 are expected to attend the concert tonight, ahead of her performing again on Saturday and Sunday nights. The huge amount of tickets sold broke New Zealand records.

Auckland Transport has advised fans to arrive by 6:30pm to avoid disappointment and to expect travelling to the venue from the central city to take up to two hours.