Stranger pays for the damage done in Port Hills fire

Music 08/03/2017

The help of a stranger is making life easier after the fires that little bit better on the Port Hills.

A mystery donor is helping 20 Christchurch property owners affected by the Port Hills fire get back on their feet.

The donor is funding vital earthworks repairs along Worsley's Spur after a fire break was cut through the neighbourhood.

During the height of the fierce blaze, emergency services called in heavy machinery to cut a break along Worsleys Spur in an attempt to slow the fire down.

Jo Kinley, a Worsley's Road Resident, said their gardens, hedges, and "pretty much anything in their way" got taken out.

"They put them in but they don't take them back out again, so it's the homeowner's responsibility to do that."

The fire break stretches for several kilometres, across 20 different properties.

Builder Andrew Clark is volunteering his time and effort to the cause.

"We simply need to try to smooth that dirt out so the fences can then be reinstated, remove the rubbish, put some piles away from the tree lines."

Residents are thankful despite the predicament, but have expressed confusion that it's down to the homeowner to pick up the bill.