Michael Jackson's former home, Neverland Ranch up for sale again

Must See 03/03/2017

Neverland Ranch, the Californian former home of pop star Michael Jackson, is back on the market at a much lower price than its US$100 million sale in 2015. I

t's been renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch and is listed for US$67 million, but Jackson's iconic features still mark the property.

The topiary clock still appears in photos on the listing, as well as the 'Disney-style' train station, dance studio and 50-person cinema.

Jackson bought the estate in Santa Barbara County in 1987 and named it after Peter Pan's fictional world.

The 2700-acre property was the venue for his wedding with Lisa Marie Presley in 1995.

The late superstar defaulted on a US$24.5 million loan backed by the ranch and investment firm Colony Capital took over Neverland in 2008, with a view to selling it.