Ed Sheeran in tears after meeting a girl who lost her dad

Must See 27/03/2017

Pop singer Ed Sheeran has been left in tears after meeting a young girl in Liberia who had lost her father to a deadly bout of Ebola.

The moment occurred during the filming of a charity video for Red Nose Day in Britain, with the 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker bawling after hearing the life story of young Peaches.

She explained how her life changed when Ebola hit.

"My father was sick. He got very ill and started to vomit and go to the toilet," Peaches explained.

"He was rushed to the Ebola treatment unit. Early the next day, we were told he died. Since the Ebola crisis I haven't been to school - my mother doesn't have any money."

She then sang for Sheeran, explaining it was the way through which she remembered her father. Upon finishing, she sat quietly as tears streamed down her face. When the camera turned back to Sheeran, he too was crying.

In an interview, the 'Lego House' songwriter said being the token celebrity visiting a poor African village in an attempt to get people to donate was "the last thing I wanted".

"I don't know, I was just sitting with that girl, and her dad had taught her how to sing, and she just got really shook up about it," he said.

"I watch Comic Relief every single year and [crying] is always what celebrities do, and I always think, 'Is it really that bad?' and I turn up and, yes, it is."

The pop star revealed last month he would be returning to New Zealand "at some point soon".