Ed Sheeran breaks NZ record with his new album

Music 13/03/2017

Ed Sheeran has now broken a New Zealand record with his new album 'Divide' with every song in the album featured in the New Zealand Top 40.

That makes him the very first artist to have every song from their album in the Top 40 in NZ.

The Official NZ Music Charts confirmed on Friday that all 16 tracks were in the Top 40.

Recorded Music NZ chart compiler Paul Kennedy says, "It's a phenomenon of the new age in music availability, and streaming in particular, that this sort of chart dominance is even possible – but it's also a reflection of the extent to which Ed Sheeran's music resonates with the New Zealand public that he's able to rule the chart quite so convincingly,"

So far New Zealand is the first country with all his songs in their Top 40 charts but he has also broken streaming records on Spotify with the most streams in one day.

Great work Ed Sheeran.