Ducklings rescued from train tracks in Bay of Plenty


Six fluffy ducklings walked to the brink of death on Monday, coming incredibly close to losing their lives.

The paddling had wandered over to train tracks near Pongokawa, in Bay of Plenty, and fallen in.

They were trapped between the rails when two Tonkin and Taylor engineers came across the babies.

"The road-rail vehicle takes quite a while to stop once moving, upon seeing the ducklings the driver braked hard and we only just stopped short of them," engineer Ryan Milligan said.

Mr Milligan and colleague James Fox had to work quickly - KiwiRail told them a train was just 10 minutes away. It could have spelled disaster for the fluffy critters, who were too small to jump over the rails on their own.

But the engineers were quick on their feet, escorting all six to safety.

"Once free all six ran off into the vegetation where their mother was anxiously quacking," Mr Fox said.

Thanks to the kind-hearted workers, a duckling massacre was able to be avoided.