Carrie Fisher's Beverly Hills mansion may be turned into a museum

Music 17/03/2017

Since Carrie Fisher passed away at the end of last year her Beverly Hills mansion has been left untouched.

Her home is full of mismatched vintage furniture and collectables, including a huge stain glass window in her living room made for her by a friend in England.

Her home originally belonged to Robert Armstrong, the ship's captain in King Kong, and the likes of Bette Davis have also lived there.

Security has now been upped at Carrie's property which now belongs to her daughter.

A friend told 'There are only two members of staff left, but there is a lot more security and cameras in most rooms.

"Nobody knows what is going to happen to the property, or Debbie’s, but we would love celebrity tours to visit.  They both collected so many fascinating items over the years and had different, unique tastes when it came to decor." She said.

Daily Mail