Adele says her 4 year old son has a pottymouth just like her

Must See 29/03/2017

Superstar Adele's penchant for profanity is clearly rubbing off on her 4-year-old son, with the hitmaker revealing he even swears at her.

While she zealously guards her family's privacy, she did let slip during her New Zealand visit that her son Angelo is someone like her when it come to using bad language. 

"My son swears at me what can I say? He's four year old a calls me bloody bumhead," she told the Auckland crowd during her visit to perform three shows.

Adele has even been warned about her swearing by the BBC who were worried about her performance at Glastonbury.

Despite the warning, she still used the 'F-word' more than 33 times at the gig.

Australian bookmakers even offered odds on the number of times she's swear on stage during her Sydney show earlier this month.

The 'F-bomb' also featured plenty of times during her Australasian tour.

When taking off her high heel shoe mid-show, the singer told the crowd exactly why she was doing it, in typical Adele style.

'For f**k's sake,' she said, undoing her boot. 'I felt something f**king bite me - it's on my f**king ankle!'

Regardless of the colourful language, fans of Adele have been using quite similar language to describe how amazing the shows were over the weekend.