Adele pays tribute to London terror victims at her Auckland show

Music 24/03/2017

Acclaimed British singer Adele paid tribute to the victims of the recent terror attack in London at a concert in Auckland on Thursday night.

"Today there was a terror attack in my hometown of London," she said.

"I'm literally on the other side of the world, and I want them to see our lights and to hear us.

"It's very strange not being home, all I want to do today is be at home with my friends and family. All of them are fine but there are four people who aren't fine so let's dedicate this to them tonight."

The 45,000-strong Mt Smart Stadium was lit up by fans turning on their phone torches and holding them high.

It was a poignant moment as Adele gracefully launched into her cover of Bob Dylan's 'Make You Feel My Love', dedicated to the people who had been killed and injured in the attack.