Wife writes hilarious note to her husband after he complains about the lunch she makes him

Music 20/02/2017

Casey Bryden's husband was less than impressed with the salad that she made him for lunch each day.

He even went as far as to call it "disappointing and embarrassing" and asked for a different salad with "more personality".

So that's exactly what she gave him! She wrote him a letter and put it with his lunch, she then shared a copy of the letter to Facebook where it's been shared thousands of times.

You can read her letter below, it does have 1 or 2 swear words in it but is utterly hilarious!

"Hi, My name is Caprese, I’m your salad. A beet about me… I basically just love to have a good thyme.

Recently I met this guy, Waldorf, at a Garden Party.

He was a such a spud! And he loved to celery-brate. “Lettuce turnip the beet”, he keep saying!

I pretty much knew he was the guy for me straight away.

When I mentioned that I was a little chilli, he offered me his jacket. “Orange you so sweet” I said.

Seriously, this guy was cool as a cucumber, so at towards the end of the night, I said to him “Lets avo-cuddle.”

As we were saying goodbye, I said, “Why don’t you kale me, maybe?” And he did, the very next day!

He seemed to be one-in-a-melon.

We made a great pear.

I caught him staring at me one day and asked him “Penne for your thoughts?” “I leek you” he told me.

“I leek you too” I told him. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never bean this way.

Usually I don’t carrot all. But he was always raisin’ my spirits!

Sometimes he would always just turnip with flowers, he always knew how to bring a smile to my face.

We were really gouda together. But then I stuffed it up. I told him I loved him berry berry much and asked if we could run away and get married.

“I’m sorry but I cantaloupe with you.” he said. B*tch, peas! I told him that I donut understand and to leaf me alone. Ice creamed and cried for days.

I was devastated. It takes two to mango, and he wasn’t up for it.

My brother, Ceasar, said he can “go and get figged, the peach of sh*t.” He really wanted to kick his asparag-ass.

Taters gonna tate, right? What did I do wrong? I was so corn-fused and feeling completely melon-choly. Another one bites the crust :(

Then, holy shiitake, out of no where, he asked if we could ketchup… At first I said I didn’t wanna taco-bout it, but lets be honest - I was egg-cited to see him.

So we arranged to meat. He told me he was grape-ful for our friendship.

That he was a big dill, a weird-dough, that us splitting was a mis-steak and that he would sacra-fries everything to have me as his butter-half again.

That he loved it when I called him Big Papaya and that he was crazy Pho me.

That I was totally radishing and we were mint to be together so…. “lettuce get hitched!” he said.

So I said ‘Well, you’re a real pizza work, but olive you from my head tomatoes, so YES!”

We eloped to Thousand Islands Archipelago (that's a real place) where we rocked out with our broc out and have been happy ever since!

So there you go. Now that you know more about me, I hope you can enjoy your salad 'with more personality!!!' xx"

Source: Facebook