TV3 announce brand new name and look

Music 09/02/2017

MediaWorks brand TV3 will now be known as Three. From Thursday, audiences will see the channel's new identity - the second rebrand in the company's 26-year history.

Chief content officer Andrew Szusterman says since the last iteration of the channel's logo nearly 15 years ago, what it has to offer has changed.

"What we realised is that we had a brand that wasn't fit-for-purpose anymore. "The world has changed [since 2003]; it was a world where there was no Netflix, there was no Amazon, there was no Hulu, there was no Lightbox, there was no Asos, and so '3' as a brand hasn't really evolved with that even though our content has," he says.


But while the public has a strong connection with the channel, it is more the result of watching shows like Jono & Ben, 7 Days, Family Feud, The Bachelor and The Block, chief marketing officer Andy Brown says.

"When we talked to a lot of people externally, there's a lack of understanding about what pulls them together, what was the glue that sticks all these things together and what does 'Three' mean beyond the individual parts of content.

"A channel this strong, with content this strong, should be bigger than the sum of its parts and it should represent the content itself whereas the pieces of content were living in isolation," Mr Brown says.

"It's an entire world for our content to live in, one that reflects who and what we are. We're a channel that entertains and informs Kiwis with the best local talent and content."

Aside from on-screen, audiences will see Three's new visual identity across the ThreeNow video-on-demand service and the new ThreeNow website for on-demand programming.