Jason Gunn is making an 'excellent recovery'

Music 03/02/2017

Broadcaster Jason Gunn is expected to take a long time to recover from his heart attack he suffered while at the gym.

Gunn remains in hospital and says he's grateful for all the support he had been given since the incident on Tuesday.

"Jason's heart attack came as a complete shock to him and his family and it was one of the scariest moments of their lives but everyone is happy to report that he is making an excellent recovery in Christchurch Hospital," a statement released on Thursday said.

It's expected his recovery will take some time and has been encouraged by More FM radio co-host Lana Searle to rest up as much as he can and take as much time as he needs before coming back to work.

From his hospital bed Gunn said," "I still haven't completely got my head around the fact I've had a major heart attack." "I didn't think I was in the running for one of these but it turns out we all can be and I've realised I can never take my wonderful life for granted."