Jason Gunn gives an update on life, two weeks after heart attack

Music 17/02/2017

Broadcaster Jason Gunn has picked up some healthy new habits during his recovery from a heart attack last month.

Gunn was at the gym one morning in January when the minor heart attack occurred.

He has since been recovering at home, where his More FM radio co-host Lana Searle visited him on Thursday.

Gunn told Searle that he had picked up some new habits, including no more sugar in his coffee, and developed a penchant for peppermint tea.

He had also picked up some new hobbies, including jigsaws, painting and chess.

Gunn stayed typically upbeat and humorous about his recovery, telling his co-host, "I want you to know when I come in again - no special treatment, let's keep it as it was it was... although I must admit I am used to having a little hour's sleep between 1 and 2. "I'm also watching a lot of Netflix at the moment so if we could get that into the studio that would be good."

Tongue in cheek, Gunn said the good that had come out of his heart attack was losing the three kilograms his trainer had ordered him to - albeit in only three days while in hospital.

"It wasn't perhaps the method through which I needed to do it - I guess they should have been more specific with their instructions," he joked.

He did strike a serious note though in reflecting some new life lessons since his heart attack.

"I'm feeling grateful; I don't think I've been grateful for enough in my life so I'm feeling very grateful for what I've got."