The Breeze Must See Movie is PORK PIE

Music 16/01/2017

Enter below for your chance to win tickets to our must see movie PORK PIE - the MISFITS, the MINI and the MAYHEM! In cinemas Febuary 2nd.

Starring Dean O’Gorman, James Rolleston (Boy), Ashleigh Cummings and Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune/Westside), PORK PIE tells the quintessentially Kiwi story of Jon, a charming but out-of- luck novelist, who tries to win back the love of his life by surprising her at a friend’s wedding. One problem: he's in Auckland and the wedding is in Wellington.  After a failed attempt to make the journey south, Jon hitches a ride with Luke, a sparky young dude driving a fancy new (and unbeknownst to Jon, stolen) yellow MINI Cooper and the adventure begins...

Rated M Violence, offensive language, drug use & sexual references.