Richie McCaw married Gemma Flynn over the weekend

Music 16/01/2017

Former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw has married his fiancé and Black Sticks player Gemma Flynn in Wanaka.

The ceremony began around 3pm, with the sun even making an appearance for it on the otherwise cool and blustery day.

Three helicopters have just left The Olive Grove venue, thought to be the bridal party heading off for scenic photos.

Speculation was rife about the details of the wedding, with sports players and Kiwi celebs flying in to Christchurch from around the country this week, in preparation for the nuptials.

Details were scant, with a veil of secrecy surrounding what some are calling the wedding of the year.

A number of vehicles with tinted windows began arriving at The Olive Grove with guests from around 1:30pm, including two matching Mercedes-Benz - which could have been the wedding couple.

The pair announced their engagement on Facebook in January last year.


A large media pack, including international reporters, gathered outside the venue which overlooks Lake Wanaka.

There's a large security presence around the perimeter, with guards blocking entrances or places which overlook the property.

One guard even used a jacket to try and block Newshub's camera from filming the marquee set up at the venue.

Others used umbrellas and their own bodies to block the camera lenses. Police were even called by the security company after allegations a photographer "assaulted" a guard.

The security company, Platform4 group, sent a media advisory warning any non-invited guests would be trespassed from the property and also threatened legal action.

"For the avoidance of doubt, the landowners and occupiers do not consent to the use of drones or any other aerial device above either property.

Any such use will amount to actionable trespass and will be in breach of Civil Aviation rules," the company said in a statement. "Any photos taken as a result of a trespass should not be published and will result in legal action."

Flynn recently appeared on reality TV show Say Yes to the Dress , looking for a wedding dress that had "X-factor and wow". She had a budget of $8000, but it's not known if she ended up buying the dress she had her eye on, saying "she would think about it".

They bought a $2.5m home in Christchurch in December.