Melbourne mother vies for World's Longest Legs title

Music 25/01/2017

Melbourne mother, Caroline Arthur who is a former model believes she has the longest legs in the world and is challenging the current Guinness World Record for the longest legs.

Her legs measure 51.5 inches from hip to heel!

The 39 year old is 6ft 2inches tall, meaning her legs are around 69% of her frame.

Caroline has found it hard to get clothes that fit her long shape.

Caroline's mother is only 5ft 2inches tall, which means she towers over her.

'I have had a few people say nasty things but mostly it's great and people are really nice'.

But body positive Caroline has not always been so confident in her appearance - she recalls being a self-conscious teenager who wanted to dress in ways that would disguise her height.

She explained: 'I definitely didn't embrace my height and there was a real period where I didn't feel beautiful or attractive at all. 

Caroline, who is married to builder Cameron, says her mother-in-law makes her clothes for her and that her husband thoughtfully designed their house to have 10 ft ceilings and extra-high kitchen worktops to accommodate his super-sized family.

Cameron said: 'Caroline and I are about the same height but when we stand next to each other, her hip is much higher than mine.

'Being married to her is definitely good for my posture because I have to stand up straight.

'I think her legs most definitely are the longest in Australia - I can't imagine any longer.

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Images: Nelli Huie / Barcroft images