Gin Wigmore debuts new song with intimate Antarctic performance

Music 27/01/2017

Kiwi musician Gin Wigmore has debuted her latest song with an intimate live performance in one of the world's most isolated locations.

The singer, known for her unique raspy voice, travelled to Scott Base in Antarctica for the recent TEDx event.

She joined speakers such as renowned filmmaker Anthony Powell and former NASA astronaut Dan Barry.

Wigmore debuted her new song 'Thoughts of You' at the talk, performing with an acoustic guitar.

"I cry on the porch / honey I miss the way that that we moved / and I bang down your door / hoping you'll pick me off your floor / I might die on this porch / if you don't need me any more," she sings in the song's chorus.

She advised fans to form a relationship with Antarctica, which she praised as a "bad-ass continent".

Wigmore also performed 'Black Sheep' and 'Sweet Hell', before finishing off with a rousing rendition of her hit song 'Written in the Water'.