Auckland man pays for an elderly woman's groceries

Music 24/01/2017

The saying 'not all superheroes wear capes' has been demonstrated by an Auckland man "paying it forward" by covering the cost for an elderly woman's groceries.

The Good Samaritan is Aarron Nichols, a Papakura electrician, who was lining up at the checkout at Countdown Takanini on Sunday when an elderly woman in his line had her credit card declined.

Mr Nichols paid for the woman's trolley load and refused to take any money from her when she offered to pay him back.

Another shopper documented the act of kindness and published a story about how it unfolded on a community Facebook page.

Since then, Mr Nichols has been swamped with praise including many romantic propositions from single woman.

"The whole thing has been pretty overwhelming and I have to apologise to my boss because I haven't done much work today," Mr Nichols told Graeme Hill on RadioLIVE Drive.

"This thing has just grown and grown." In response to the romantic attention he's been receiving, Mr Nichols joked that "tradies get the ladies", but said he was happily married.

Mr Nichols acknowledged how an Australian couple did a similar thing for him and his wife on their honeymoon in Brazil and told him to pay it forward. "I guess that was one of the occasions to do it," he said.