US police save a family's Christmas after they were robbed

Music 16/12/2016

Texan Maria Cardona arrived home with her kids on Monday night to find one of the windows to her house wide open.

She said the sight of it terrified her and took her to the cusp of tears. Ms Cardona called police fearing she'd been burgled.

But when they looked around no one was there, and at first it seemed nothing was missing - until Ms Cardona noticed that her Christmas gifts had vanished. "You'd think it's probably jewellery or something big or fancy [that the burglars would steal] - but it's kids' presents," she said.

Ms Cardona gave descriptions of the presents to officers, who filed a report and then left her, but the next night those same policemen were back at her door. "I was surprised. I didn't know what was going on," Ms Cardona said of the experience.

In their arms they had gifts for her three-year-old daughter Alena, who they had noticed loves the children's film Frozen. They told Ms Cardona they wanted to ensure she had some presents under the tree this year - a gesture she describes as "a big, wonderful thing for my kids and myself".

Ms Cardona couldn't let them leave though until she had made one, final request. "I asked them for a hug and they said 'yeah,' so I gave them a hug and said thank you," she said.

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