Sunbathing Seal slows traffic in Dunedin

Music 21/12/2016

A fur seal disrupted peak morning traffic in Dunedin this morning, after deciding to try and sunbathe in the middle of the road.

Police were called to assist with traffic management, after the seal forced vehicles down to a single lane on Portobello Road during the morning commute.

The seal - nicknamed Dale by locals - has been a regular fixture around the upper harbour area in recent months, stubbornly taking up residence around homes and roads during the day.

Our very own The Breeze Dunedin Weather & Traffic presenter Jacob Kendall encouraged listeners to try and take the back way into the city to try and avoid the fur seal's tanning regime.

"It must be time to roll over soon though, because this side would be quite tanned," noted Kendall.

"I was just trying to figure if he's wanting some fish, or if he was trying to get to the other side... just to get to the other side."

Locals say Dale has been quite a regular visitor, with the seal heading for land two or three times a week.

"We were talking about getting a seal wall, and making the seals pay for the wall," joked Kendall.

Police continued with Seal Patrol until staff from the Department of Conservation were able to usher the fur seal back into the harbour using a large piece of canvas.