Polish company's touching Christmas ad goes viral

Music 08/12/2016

A Christmas advertisement produced by a Polish auction website has captured the hearts of viewers around the world.

The advert charts the journey of an elderly man, who is living by himself and buys an 'English for Beginners' set in an effort to become bilingual.

While his motivation for learning English remains a mystery, the man throws himself at the task with aplomb - listening to an audio book, repeating commonly used phrases and labelling everything in his house with post-it notes. He makes a fool of himself at times, hearing "I'm going to f***ing kill you" on a movie and naively repeating it to his dog, and mistakenly practising the phrase "I love you - you are perfect" while sitting behind a much younger woman on a bus.

Eventually it becomes clear why he's learning English, as he flies from Poland to the UK for Christmas.

When he arrives at the family home, he perches down to meet his granddaughter for the very first time. "Hi. I am your grandfather," he says gently to the young girl, who looks about three years old.

The deeply emotional tale has proved a hit across the world, and has garnered nearly 4.5 million views after it was discovered by the English-speaking world a few days ago.