Nikki Kaye returns to Parliament after getting treatment for breast cancer

Music 07/12/2016

Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye has made an emotional return to Parliament after three months away receiving treatment for breast cancer.

Ms Kaye thanked the National Party caucus for their support and paid special tribute to outgoing Prime Minister John Key.

"He has just been the most incredible person and a great friend, but he's also he's given me so much space to be able to get well. "I don't want to cry, but he has been an incredible rock during this period.

Ms Kaye, 36, is still undergoing treatment but confirmed she will be contesting her seat of Auckland Central in the 2017 election.

"All of those people who get cancer, particularly breast cancer sufferers out there, I just want to acknowledge the courage that they have, and to say I could not have [had] more support from my caucus during this period and it's been a beautiful thing."

She also said she will be supporting Deputy Prime Minister Bill English to replace Mr Key in the top job, but was "gutted" to see Mr Key go.

"I think like the caucus and [like] many New Zealanders we're gutted, but we've got a very strong National Party and we've got huge talent in our caucus, and so while I'm gutted for him personally I'm delighted that Bronagh, Stephy and Max are going to have their [husband and] dad back."

On Friday, Labour MP Annette told Paul Henry that Ms Kaye was a particularly nice person to have in the house. "She's a lovely person and we all are wishing her the best and hoping to see her back in Parliament soon"