Young Kiwi lands an internship with Ellen DeGeneres

Music 25/11/2016

A young Kiwi man has headed from the small North Island town of Murupara to the big leagues in Los Angeles, scoring his dream job as an intern on Ellen. F

abian Anderson says he was chosen because of his charismatic Kiwi attitude.

"I applied like any normal person online as a college student - I did everything normal, did the whole procedure and they loved me so they had me on straight away," he told Paul Henry on Wednesday.

"They weren't expecting what I wrote down because I sounded really conservative on my essays, but when I came in it was like I had ADHD."

Anderson says his fingers are crossed that he will get to do some segments while on the show.

"I think I want to be crazy within the lot, then hopefully from there they better offer me something - I'll be irked if not!" Anderson said.

"Then [I'll] hopefully graduate like a good student, make my parents proud, then hopefully they offer me a job doing the bum stuff then I can work my way up from there."

But he's not planning to be too crazy - as an actor, Anderson says he knows when to put his "professional hat" on.

"I think I know now in life where the line is drawn, and when I should be good or when I should be bad."