Pizza delivered by Reindeer in Japan

Music 28/11/2016

Would you prefer your pizza delivered by drone, or by reindeer? While Domino's New Zealand has just trialled the world's first flying pizza delivery, Domino's Japan is taking a bit of a step back on the tech front.

Just in time for Christmas, some pizzas in the country will be delivered by reindeer and they've even released a video as proof of concept.

The new deliverymen are being enlisted because winter is forecasted to be incredibly cold, according to Domino's Japan.

"Because it's possible that [snowfall could] hinder the delivery, Domino's Japan will promote the pizza delivery by reindeer," it said in a statement.

It's continuing the trend of trialling new delivery methods in different countries, such as New Zealand's own drone pizzas. If it's successful it could introduce a new method of winter pizza delivery, Domino's Japan said.

The animals have brought some "unique challenges", but it's hoped reindeer delivery will be an option for customers in December. And according to Domino's Japan, you'll be able to track your pizza through GPS just like any other - except this time, the icon will be a reindeer.