Michael Buble's son has started chemo for his liver cancer

Music 10/11/2016

Doctors in LA have confirmed that Michael Buble's eldest son Noah is fighting cancer.

It is just been reported that he has started chemo which will last four months.

Michael and his wife Luisana released a statement last week.

Gentle Magazine said Luisana took Noah to the hospital because he had a high fever.

"After an exhaustive examination, they ruled out mumps and suggested two possibilities, a throat infection or mononucleosis." Luisana's sister, Daniela told Gentle Magazine.

“On October 27, after a throat swab, they confirmed he had a throat infection and not mononucleosis but the ultrasound had detected a liver problem. The doctors told Luisana, ‘He has a stain on his liver, but it’s not got different tones and therefore it’s probably benign but we have to continue with the tests.”

Gentle Magazine also said they were told after the devastating November 1 cancer diagnosis that Noah would need four months of chemo and the possibility of surgery afterwards to remove the tumor - but his chances of beating it were 90 per cent.

Our thoughts are with the Buble family at this terrible time.

OK Magazine 

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