Kate Middleton was spotted on a British Airways flight!

Music 13/10/2016

Last night travellers on a British Airways flight got a big surprise when none other than the Duchess of Cambridge boarded their plane. 

Kate Middleton had just concluded a solo trip to the Netherlands and was on her way home. She just happened to catch the 7.15pm flight full of "commoners".

Within seconds iPhone cameras were out to snap a shot of the famous flyer.

Middleton sat in the front row for the duration of the 50 minute flight and was greeted by a car on the tarmac once the plane touched down at London Airport.  


#KateMiddleton stepped onto the 7.15pm British Airways flight from the Netherlands. The scheduled flight – the last of the day from Rotterdam to City Airport – was full of members of the public who were shocked to see the Duchess board at the last minute. She was escorted onto the plane by bodyguards and her team ahead of the 50-minute flight. One source said he had 'never seen so many iPhones pop up at once,' as passengers scrambled to get a photograph of the Duchess. Keeping a low-profile, Kate spoke with a member of her team for the duration of the quick flight before being the first to be escorted from the plane once it landed 'a couple of minutes early'. A car was said to be waiting on the tarmac at London City Airport and the Royal was whisked away before passengers were allowed to disembark. (Source: dailymail)

A photo posted by Catherine Middleton Italia (@katemiddletonitalia) on Oct 11, 2016 at 2:00pm PDT