Teenage girl Macey found out she was getting a new heart

Music 07/09/2016

Here's Macey's story:

Macey was born with a heart condition- severe aortic stenosis and mitral stenosis. She immediately had surgery as an infant and has since lived a relatively normal, healthy life up until two years ago. At age 11 she had open heart surgery- not once but TWICE. The second being a complication from the first. Within just a few weeks of the first surgery she was in severe heart failure and her organs were shutting down. Macey spent 9 days in the ICU and had the surgery for a second time to fix her mitral valve.

Macey's left ventricle is now failing and there are no medications or sugeries to repair it- leaving a transplant as her only option to attain her goals of being a gymnast, master musician, future cardiologist, and future mother.
News of needing a transplant was a big surprise and shock. We thought she was doing fine and so did she (although she was feeling a worse than usual). They have told us she needs it sooner than later. When Macey gets sick enough to be in the hospital it could be too late! Her condition is unique in the fact that she's doesn't look very sick but when she does become that sick it may be too late for a transplant. We pray we have enough time! thank you all for your prayers, love and support.