Prince William opens up about life as an air amublance pilot

Music 21/09/2016

Prince William has opened up about his work as an air ambulance pilot to mark Air Ambulance Week.

The Prince became a pilot last year, and told the BBC he relishes his role and looks forward to coming into work every day, despite the shift work.

“I really look forward to coming here every day,” Prince William said.

“And I love working as a team, that’s something that my other job doesn’t necessarily do, you are more out there on your own a little bit.”

He added that being within a “close team” and “talking a lot” helps deal with the “dark moments” in the job.

"There are some very dark moments," he said.

"You try not to take it away, but sometimes… it can be quite difficult."

Prince William is the first royal to work in a civillian job.