Pillars: Children of Prisoners Week

Music 28/09/2016
This week is the fifth annual Children of Prisoner' Week hosted by Pillars - a charity dedicated to working with children of prisoners to make a generational change - and this year’s theme is #NotOurFuturePrisoners.
Did you know that there are over 20,000 children in New Zealand with a parent in prison and just like ALL kids, they too have hopes, dreams, fears and idea’s. The Pillars volunteer programme brings mentors in to help these kids achieve all they can by being stable and positive role models for them, but they need more!
Throughout this campaign, Pillars is aiming to get 20 children off the waiting list and with a mentor. If you can donate your time to one of these children, or if not time, but money to assist this charity, please get in touch with Pillars at one of the links below.
Pillars is a child-centred charity that all New Zealanders can feel proud to support.

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