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Music 12/09/2016

Confession time:  Sometimes I buckle the kids into the car and drive around for a little bit….just so I can sit down!!

When your children are young, you never get to sit down….. apart from going to the toilet and even that is not without interruptions.  When your body is tired, your feet sore, and your nerves frazzled, that’s when I call in one of my most favourite tools from the parenting toolbox.  Car Mothering.  You’re still mothering, you’re just doing it from the comfort of a car instead of the crazy confines of your house.  

Admittedly you have to come up with a pretty good reason about why you are going out in the car.  For me it’s usually goes along the lines of “we have to go out and pick something up”. When said thing isn’t picked up, the reason is, and remember this Mums, “because the shop was actually closed and we will have to come back tomorrow”.

Car Mothering definitely has it’s benefits.  You can put on the best of Abba, and sing dancing queen at the top of your voice and miserably remember the days when you used to be able to dance without needing to pee, you can blast out hot air on your cold feet without feeling guilty, you can put a bag of chips on the front seat, scoff your face, and throw them over the back to the kids….because things that are eaten in the car have no calories didn’t you know…. you can see other people out and about which makes you realise that life happens even when you haven’t left the house, and the best thing of all, it’s sound-proof, the neighbours can’t hear you or the kids crying!  

To all intents and purposes you are a normal family going out for a drive…...if only they knew!!