This creepy gadget lets you wink and take a photo

Music 01/08/2016

Tech startup company Blincam have created the world's strangest technology gadget yet. A "blink cam". This allow you to take photos simply by blinking. 

Weird huh?

All you have to do is attach a small device to your ordinary glasses (assuming you wear them, if not you'll need to go out and buy a prescription-free pair) and you're good to go round winking at your friends and family... or worse, strangers.

The idea behind the product is to capture moments in a split second or while your hands are busy. But we can't help but think it comes across a little creepy.

In order to get the project up and running Blincam needed over $170,000 (NZD) which they have achieved from the support of investors.

What do you think of the idea? Take a look at the gallery to see exactly how this gadget works. 

And hey, maybe you'll be wearing one next year! 

[Photos: CNBC]