An "Avocado Time-machine" has been created

Music 05/08/2016

Do you find yourself buying 3-4 green avocados and by the time they're ready to eat you get through one, and the rest turn a nasty shade of brown?

Whether you have a secret method for looking after your creamy bounties of goodness or not, we want to keep them fresher for longer and will do whatever it takes.

Australian company Natavo Zero has released a machine they created which is comically referred to as the "avocado time-machine" due to it's ability to keep them alive, longer.

The machine stops the browning process by 'witching off' the enzyme that causes the rot. This is achieved by using steam to generate pressure fluctuations. The system also kills disease-causing bugs.

The machine can process 4000 avocados an hour.

"By understanding the avocado's life cycle and the complex correlation of enzymes involved in the browning process, we have made it possible for the world to enjoy 100 percent natural, ready-to-eat avocado slices, dices, chunks or pulped products while retaining the flavour and fresh taste of avocado, without browning," said Naturo director Jeff Hastings.

The idea is a good one, however with the scarcity of the fruit in New Zealand we might not be needing it until next season!