The rise of NZ's Tongan cake maestro

Music 05/07/2016

He's the self-taught baker, whose extravagant cakes are taking social media by storm. 

But Niuafe Junior Malupo's talent doesn't come from any formal training - just what his Tongan mum taught him as a boy. 

The 22-year-old is an Aucklander of Tongan descent. 

Mr Malupo attended Lynfield College and upon graduation he began a degree in Hospitality Management, but it wasn't for him. 

"I wanted to become a hotel manager or something, because I kept thinking about money. Money was such a big issue for my family. I didn't really realise until last year that I should do what I'm really good at." 

Instead, he decided to follow his true passion - baking - which he learnt by spending time with his mother in the kitchen. 

"Mum used to bake all the time and I used to watch her do everything. And coming from a family of five brothers I was the one that watched Mum bake, and it turned into a passion." 

If you want to discover more of these delicious morsels, go to Mr Malupo's website.