The Impossible burger: New York's latest food craze is a veggie burger that bleeds

Music 28/07/2016

Launched at Momofuku Nishi in New York City, a part of chef David Chang’s trendy Momofuku empire, The Impossible burger made a worldwide debut due to it's "impossible" meat-like quality.

A fake meat startup’s $80 million investment is hoping to see if a meat-free burger substitute could convince meat eaters to choose plants over animals.

Even the most dedicated carnivores were swayed:

“If I could have this without eating an animal, that’s great,”

“close enough and good enough” to a meat burger.

“Absolutely, I would eat it again,”

For $12 USD, in a classic 1950s style the burger is wrapped in paper topped with tomato, pickle, American cheese and special sauce.

Journalist and vegetarian Amanda Holpuch said, "After the first bite, I felt like I had ended a more than six-year-long streak of not eating meat. The sear was thick and crunchy and I experienced that familiar, salty, fatty taste that I believed could only come from an animal. The saltiness lingered after a handful of french fries, and well after leaving the restaurant."

Interesting concept.. Would you try it?