Kiwi woman fulfils her career dream with help of KidsCan

Music 14/07/2016
We all know there are kids around New Zealand who don't get breakfast at home, shoes or raincoats and it is important to be reminded of this fact.

But for those who do receive the help can also give back to these kids and one person who has done this is Hadassah Tagoia.

Ms Tagoia has fulfilled her dream of being a teacher and now she's at Finlayson Park School in Manurewa. But once upon a time, she was a kid without shoes and a raincoat.

With KidsCan providing a raincoat, this meant she was able to continue going to school despite the bad weather and that difference has been life-changing.

KidsCan is still helping hundreds of school children but there are still more on the waiting list.

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