Hilary Takes Her Dog Sam to Visit the City's First Pet Friendly Hotel

Music 15/07/2016

Poodles, puppies and Persian cats will all be welcome at a new central city Christchurch hotel. 

The 52 suite, 4.5-star, pet-friendly Fino Hotel & Suites on Kilmore Street allows pets and their owners to check in and stay together. 

The seven-storey building was previously the Fino Casementi Hotel but has undergone a major refurbishment and earthquake strengthening. 

"It's quite common for top hotels across America and Europe to allow pets to stay with their owners," Fino Hotel & Suites general manager Dilan De Silva says. 

"We believe people holidaying in New Zealand with their pets have been missing out and we are now filling the gap and can't wait to welcome some pampered pets through the doors." 

The hotel will have three pet-friendly suites (one penthouse and two general suites) with water bowls, dog beds and kitty litter provided, as well as specialised cleaning and housekeeping on departure. 

Upon check-in owners receive a pooch welcome pack which will include waste bags, treats, a local dog walking map and a list of local vets and pet necessities. 

Mr De Silva says the hotel is also looking to offer pet sitting and dog walking services. Felines are also invited to stay at the hotel. 

"The hotel's central city location means it's an ideal playground for pets and their owners alike, but when owners need a break or some time alone, the hotel will be able to offer options to keep your pets safe, exercised and entertained." 

Animals must meet pre-approval standards before being allowed to stay, which include being domesticated and house trained. Dog breeds that are specified as menacing on the Christchurch City Council's website will be shut out.

This includes Brazilian Fila, Dog Argentino, Japanese Tosa, American pit bull, and Perro de Presa Canario breeds. 

Each pet stay will cost $60 on top of the standard room rates. 

Fino Hotel & Suites opens its doors on Friday 15 July.