Beautiful footage of Hector's dolphins surfing in pods captured on film

Music 19/07/2016

A pod of Hector's dolphins have been captured by a drone riding a set of waves in the South Island. 

Underwater videographer Paul Kennedy spotted the dolphins while at Ship Creek near Haast a week ago and immediately went to get his drone. 

"They were playing around in front of me for about 20 minutes," he says. 

"[It] was a magic moment." 

Hector's Dolphins are native to New Zealand and an endangered species. 

Mr Kennedy's friend who surfs in the area told him the dolphins are often out and about. He says Hector's Dolphins are known to be quite playful and jump about. 

"It was the best encounter with dolphins I've had." 

Mr Kennedy is currently on a drone trip around the South Island and uploaded his footage to his Youtube channel Long Journeys.

Hector's dolphins are only found in New Zealand waters and are among the world's smallest mammals, growing to around 1.5 metres in length. 

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