Animal shelter seeks Pokemon Go players to walk dogs

Music 14/07/2016

An animal shelter in Indiana is seeking Pokemon Go players to volunteer to walk dogs at the shelter.

The idea came after the shelter director Phil Peckinpaugh became involved in the game himself. After wandering the streets with his daughter, he knew something good could come of this.


The initiative received a lot of praise on social media and the shelter has already received ques of kids and parents waiting outside to adopt a pet for the day.

The shelter encourages safety while walking the animals and checks walkers before the leave. “If you can’t be responsible while playing the game, you’re not the best fit,” he said in response to these concerns. “We address the individuals and volunteers coming in to please be careful and please be safe. So far there haven’t been any issues.”

“If this game connects prospective families with these animals, then that is the best we could ask for.”


Take a look at the video above of an 100 year-old lady playing Pokemon Go (and enjoying it).