93 year-old running coach Arch Jelley is celebrating another year at the top

Music 19/07/2016

This month will be 40 years since Sir John Walker won Olympic Gold and he says it was not possible without his coach Arch Jelley. 

But Mr Jelley may not have time to celebrate the anniversary of the magnificent medal milestone as he may have another runner at the Rio Olympics. 

Mr Jelley is 93-years-old and will be 94 next month but he is still coaching and coaching at the highest level. 

"Arch was very dedicated and also very assertive and you believed in him. That's why in the 20 years he coached me, I mean I wouldn't have done what I did without him," says Walker. 

Walker saw his as a not just a coach but also a father figure and supported each other at the Olympics. 

So who is the coach behind these athletes and does he still get nervous after coaching all these years? 

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