Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood just had twins at 68!

Music 01/06/2016
Ronnie Wood doesn’t give a Jumpin’ Jack Flash if every TV personality on the planet thinks he’s selfish for becoming a father at age 68.

‘I’m a believer in letting life unfold. I’m very lucky,’ says the rocker who famously spent £20 million on drugs and alcohol (but survived).

"I’ve been sober six years and I’m seeing things for the first time with clarity. It’s amazing. Life gets clearer all the time and this is a blessing."

38 year old actress and theatre producer, Sally Wood has given birth to twin girls who are happy and healthy.

When the pregnancy was first announced six months ago, the couple were accused of being selfish due to Ronnie's age.
The Rolling Stones member will be 92 when the girls turn 20.

"I had the telly on in the background and heard them say: “Is it selfish for men to have children later on in life?” I thought, “That has got to be about us.” Then I heard Katie Price laying into us both." said Wood.

"I was really surprised to see someone I don’t know and have never thought badly of, who gets so much negativity directed at her, be so judgmental about someone she’s never met."