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Read the label, use as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor.

Solgar supplements carry the Gold standard! 

The word ‘Multivitamin’ sounds simultaneously all-encompassing and completely ambiguous. Do we need to take multivitamins? What are the indications that a multivitamin might be a good idea? Can’t we just get all the vitamins we need from a well balanced diet?

The answer to all those questions depends.

Least satisfying answer ever - we know.

It depends on age, stress levels, pregnancy, lifestyle and a plethora of other factors. Some factors we can control, (like managing alcohol intake, getting enough sleep) others are completely out of our hands (like nutrient depletion in the soil). So just to make it simple, here is a list of reasons that might indicate a multivitamin could be useful:



Poor diet

Feeling ‘run down’

Regular alcohol intake

Of course, you are always best consulting a professional if you have any concerns about your health and well being..

Solgar’s VM2000 is a superior multivitamin and mineral formula, designed to provide broad spectrum nutritional support with therapeutic doses of specific nutrients to aid energy, stress resistance & mood, antioxidant protection, liver function and thyroid function.

You are always best buying in store and getting advice from your health professional.

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