What your cuddling style says about your relationship

Music 22/09/2015

Who knew your 'cuddling style' played such an important part in your relationship? 

Body language is a key indicator of the way we feel. After all, haven’t we always been told actions speak louder than words? 

At night, our subconscious takes over, exposing our rawest selves and our realest emotions. The way we cuddle says a lot about our relationships.

Which of the 6 cuddling style best describes your relationship?

1. Spooning with both arms around: if the trapped arm pose is your go-to, then you are most likely the type to put your partner’s needs before your own. Which is a good thing… But just make sure you think about your own desires from time to time.

2. Spooning with one arm free: this position is more balanced then the others, allowing you and your partner to get all the benefits of cuddling while having one arm free and fully functional! A bigger spoon partner is usually a more dominant one and, therefore, the little one is typically less so. If you switch off between big and little, it’s likely that you both take on those roles in your daily lives, given the situation, making your relationship appear highly egalitarian.

3. Face-to-face: this would have to be the most romantic cuddling position out of the six - this cuddle position is typically one that’s reserved for the blissed-out beginning phase of a relationship when love is new and full of exciting potential.

4. Her head on his chest: this would have to be the most common snuggling pose, this position is a throwback of sorts to traditional gender roles. It makes the man feel, well, like a man holding his woman close to him and it makes the woman feel dainty, yet protected, as she’s clutched against her dude’s chest.

5. His body on top of hers, or vice-versa: It’s safe to say that this is more often than not a post-sex cuddle position. If you find yourself in this pose regularly, you clearly have a very healthy sex life and, we would argue, a pretty great relationship. 

6. Back-to-back, bums touching: this means you like you're own space, but by having at least one body part grazing the other’s means that, despite your fierce autonomy, you both value your partnership and deep connection. 

[Photo: iStock by Getty]