Tiger kills woman at Hamilton Zoo

Music 20/09/2015

St John has confirmed a woman is dead following a tiger attack at Hamilton Zoo this morning.

Emergency services responded to the incident at around 11:02am. Two ambulances were called to the zoo, but the victim died on the scene.

The zoo has been closed following the incident and everyone has been asked to leave.

Hamilton Zoo visitor experience manager Dave Smart has refused to comment further.

Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker was rushed to the zoo at around 12:30pm today, reports Fairfax Media.

A witness told 3 News they were watching the tigers in the zoo when they were asked to vacate. All visitors were offered a refund.

Hamilton Zoo is located in the suburb of Rotokauri and was founded in 1969 as a game farm. It is owned by the Hamilton City Council.

A $430,000 Sumatran tiger exhibit was completed in January 2001 and features a large pool, climbing structures and bamboo glades. In March 2001, Wellington Zoo donated three 14-month-old Sumatran tigers. One of the tigers was sent to Auckland Zoo in 2006.

In July 2012, Hamilton Zoo received a four-year-old tiger from Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

In 2012 a keeper was killed at the Zion wildlife park in Whangarei after he was mauled by a white tiger in the enclosure. 

The attack happened when Dalu, an experienced handler, and another keeper were cleaning the cage.

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