Mum saves letter for 20 years to give her daughter on wedding day

Music 06/08/2015

In the video we meet Brooke and Tyler, but we quickly learn that there’s a lot more to this young couple’s story.

In 1994, Brooke’s parents welcomed her into their lives. Just like her older brother, she was adopted by their parents, who said they always wanted a daughter named Brooke.

More than two decades ago, Brooke’s mum decided she wanted to show her baby girl what a blessing she was to her family and that God brought her into their lives for a special reason, so she wrote Brooke a special letter on a piece of her own wedding dress to someday give Brooke on her wedding day.

When that day finally came in 2015, Brooke was understandably overcome with emotion from the incredible secret her mum had been hiding.