Husband does wife's make up everyday after she lost use of her arms

Music 16/06/2015

When Gayle Shann was 27 she was involved in a terrible digger accident on her rural property.

In 2002 Gayle was renewing a garden fence when her right arm was torn off and her left arm was crushed when her glove became caught on a shaft, pulling her into a hole in the ground and spinning her around with the machine's drill.

For the past 13 years Gayle's husband Mac has been her primary carer, helping with everything from putting on her makeup, brushing her teeth, helping her eat and also helping her get dressed so she can help run their cattle and horse breeding farm north of Emerald in Central Queensland.

After the accident happened Gayle was flown by helicopter to Townsville and spent three weeks in hospital. She then had two months of surgery following that in Sydney.

She had ground-breaking nerve graft surgery which meant her left arm was able to regenerate giving her muscle and life back in the limb.

Her left arm does not have much functional use but she is able to bend her elbow, wrist and fingers and she is hopeful that medical advancements will mean she can use her left arm again.

Although Gayle relies on Mac for a lot of her daily routine she has regained a lot of independence since the accident.

She does a lot of the book work for their businesses using a computer with an extra-large keyboard and mouse on the floor.

Friends have also given her a modified four-wheel motorbike so she help out a bit on the farm,

Gayle says she is incredibly lucky to have Mac as her husband, who has stuck with her through everything.

The Daily Mail