Hundreds & Thousands Chocolate Cheesecake

Music 30/07/2014

Hundreds & Thousands Chocolate Cheesecake made with the new Whittaker's Hundreds &Thousands chocolate and Griffins Hundreds & Thousands biscuits.

Next time you have a family dinner, try making one of these - the kids will go nuts over it!

Everyone is going crazy over this stuff at the moment, it's like gold.



1 and 1/2 packs Griffins Hundreds & Thousands biscuits

50g melted butter

300ml cream

250g cream cheese

1/4 cup sugar 

1 block Whittaker's Hundreds & Thousands chocolate  


1) In a mixer, blend 1 and a half packs of Hundreds & Thousands biscuits.

2) Add 50g melted butter, press into grease tin put in fridge.

3) Place 300ml of cream in a blender beat till smooth and softly whipped, add 250g cream cheese, 1/4 cup sugar and the other half a packet of Hundreds & Thousands biscuits, also blend half of the block of chocolate and mix through.

4) Pour mixture over base, then blend the other half of the chocolate block into small chunks and sprinkle on top.

5) Put in the freezer until after dinner if you want it to set quickly or place in the fridge till it's ready to be served (serves 8-10). You could melt the chocolate in some hot cream and make a ganache and drizzle over the top (I had no time)

[Recipe and photos from: How to Feed a Family for 6 under $20]