How To Grow Hibiscus

Music 18/05/2011

Hibiscus are stunning plants. Everyday on my walk to work, I pass the most incredible Hibiscus that has beautiful peachy pink blooms and dark green lush foliage. It makes me want one in my garden! So I decided to research the best way to grow these subtropical gems...


Hibiscus plants need loose and free-draining soil and they are classed as Lazarus plants which means when they are straggly and old, you can chop them back heavily and they will burst into lush growth and flower again from December to July. Every August/September, it is vital that you do a big pruning of the Hibiscus in order to encourage new growth.


Like most subtropical plants, Hibiscus are best planted in Spring and Summer when the soil is beginning to warm up, so think ahead now about the varieties that you want in your garden. Come November, you'll be able to get planting! When planting, it is essential that you give them plenty of crumbly, loose, well drained soil to ensure plenty of air around the roots. This way, the plants are more likely to survive through the Winter as they hate cold and sodden soil!


Another tip to ensure a well-drained site is to plant your Hibiscus up against some large rocks in your garden. These rocks will store heat from the sun thus keeping the soil around your Hibiscus warm, especially during Winter. To compare the Hibiscus' ideal soil to another common garden plant, think about what you might do for carrots or potatoes and apply the same guidelines.


Although it's now cold and we are heading into the depths of Winter, think about how much more enjoyable this time of year would be with stunning Hibiscus flowers blooming in the garden? So now is the time to get planning for next year. And if you already have a Hibiscus, then get the pruning shears ready for August to do a heavy prune and encourage more great growth next year.


Varieties: Golden Belle (yellow blooms), Tango (light pink edged with dark pink), Molly Cummings (glossy, bold red), Swan Lake (dainty white blooms), Sun Showers (deep orange splashed with yellow), Surfrider (large apricot with red centre), Buccaneer (intense cerise flowers), Black Prince (unusual dark wine red).