Top 5 Herbs To Grow At Home

Music 21/03/2011

I recently had a bit of a mishap with some coriander. It has always been my dream to have masses of herbs growing in pots on my kitchen window: coriander, basil, mint, chives, the lot! And then whenever I want to flavour my dishes, I can just pluck a few leaves and away we go.


So I decided it was time I give this dream a go, and I bought a coriander plant from my local supermarket. I watered it and put it on a windowsill but by the second day, the leaves were going yellow. So I moved it to a shadier spot and continued to water it daily. But by the fifth day, the majority of the shoots had gone rotten and died because I had been over watering the plant! And now I am left with a pot of soil and no coriander in sight.


I am not put off though! I will have another go and this article has given me some great tips on growing herbs so I thought I would share it with you:



This herb is notorious for getting a bit out of control! You may plant one, but soon you will have ten! Making sure that your mint is kept to containers only will ensure that it doesn't go too rampant in your garden. But there are upsides to restricting it to containers: you can be sure that it is in easy reach of your kitchen because mint adds such a fantastic flavour to savoury dishes, desserts, drinks and cocktails!



Coriander likes a lot of light, like most herbs do, so if you are growing indoors, be sure to place on a north facing windowsill. It likes to have well drained soil, so when you plant it, use broken pots and gravel in the base of the container to ensure good drainage. You can grow from seed, or simply buy the plant from your supermarket. Be careful when transplanting though.



Wonderful with lamb and chicken, rosemary is an amazing herb that you have to have in winter for all those roast dinners! You can also use the woody stem as a kebab skewer and the rosemary flavour will permeate through the meat and vegetables so store them in a freezer bag in the freezer to use for next year's summer barbecues. Rosemary likes to dry out between waterings and enjoys a sunny window. Growing it in it's own container makes it hardier.



This is such a rewarding herb to grow, not only because of it's incredible flavour but also because you can grow it alongside your tomatoes. Basil likes plenty of water but it also needs a lot of airflow too.



Thyme is often undervalued, getting planted but never used, but you really should use it! It will thrive in containers and doesn't need very much watering to do well. Thyme will grow into shrubs so you could place these at an entrance for a fragrant entry to your home. It is so low maintenance you will love to grow it and add it to your cooking!