Gardening According To The Moon

Music 03/03/2011

Did you know that you can use the moon's calendar to schedule your gardening tasks?


Moon planting is a common activity among gardeners and many believe that it enhances the quality of your crops. Some organic wineries plant, feed and harvest the grapes according to the cycle of the moon and the technical term for this is bio-dynamic gardening and you should give it a try!



Waxing: this is the period between the new moon and the full moon when the moon grows larger.


Waning: this is the time between the full moon and the new moon when the moon gets smaller.


Moon Planting Tips

It is best to get yourself a calendar that specifies the cycle of the moon so that you can plan your gardening.


Around the time of the new moon, for the 2 days before, the day of and the 2 days after, you should refrain from sowing any new crops and concentrate on digging the soil well. Then for the following 8 days, you can sow your crops and plant your bulbs in the well dug soil.


After those 8 days of planting is the time to begin your liquid feeding which you can do for 2 days and then its time to rest and put your feet up! Begin resting 2 days before the full moon and rest for the next 5 days until 2 days after the full moon. Then you can sow your lawn the following day and weed plants 2 days before the last quarter. Weeding can continue for 5 days until 2 days after the last quarter.


For the 4 days before you start the cycle again, sow root crops like turnips and parsnips and spray your crops. Then it is time to start all over again!


Reap the benefits of planting by the lunar cycle and enjoy having your garden tasks all mapped out for you!


Adapted from NZ Gardener Magazine